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Monday, February 1, 2010

Iman Aleesya/Iman Adriana/Iman Haris/Iman Haikal

To tell the truth, we still unable to identified our precious will be a boy or a girl. too early i guess..so we still cant decide which name we goin to use. actually from the start we prefer to put the "Iman" in front of the baby's name. Iman looks so sweet, and all parents will always hope that the name that our son/daughter brings, will be a guidance when he/she go thru this life. But the thing is we cant decide to use which name for the second name. Adriana ke, Aleesya ke,Haris ke, Haikal.... truly confusing. we hardly tried to give our precious such a good name and carry good meaning. Hubs seems not really give a damn to all this thing..haha..might be he not fully excited yet, whenever i throw the ideas bout the names, he will smiles and agree with it, tapi x tau laa..if at this moment jer he will agreed with everything, at the end, he will throw up the ideas plak..mati!but i have new hobby, collecting baby romper..hehe..hubs just keep silent and pay for any romper that i pick up. not that expensive thou, i collecting such a unique romper due to the still unidentified gender..hehe.. recently, we when for Metrojaya Expo Sale, a lot of baby clothes yg sangat la cantik, esp for girl. for sure we cant buy the specific color rite??it will be kinda wasted for us. so i just bought one romper and baby booties/mitten. that baby booties is quite cheep, we found at jusco like RM10, but at the expo we managed to get at RM4. oK la tu, not dare to buy so many things yet.

me at 16 weeks pregnancy =)