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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pregnancy hormone

motif of this image??haha..might be from this picture u guys cannot see the pimples yg melanda my cheeks. but2 if you double click the image, you will see, and please be prepared to bombared your monitor.that is what i'm experiencing in my pregnancy.. sgt teruk ok.mmg melampau itu pimples, smpai mr.hubs pun mcm.."errrr..." =) tp bila enter 3rd months, it recovers slowly. now da semakin ok..alhamdulillah..but another thing that i'm experiencing, the old scar yg ada di tangan suda menjadi agak gelap..betul la my mom ckp, when you get pregnant, all your scar will be darken..i xtau mcm mana nk solve benda tu..

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