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Thursday, December 3, 2009


normally, it quiet easy for a human count the day of ovulation. you can just google it on the search engine. then the web pages will calculate for you, when is your ovulation date. but in order to monitor when is the conception will occur, is not that easy. simply said, itu semua kerja allah s.w.t.same goes to me, to be real, i tried so many time to have a baby. at first count the date of ovulation, when the time comes.. i ask my hubs to do it for 4 days in a row. but like i said, it is not an easy thing. after several time, it stll not our rezeki yet. we really2 frustrated, some more i went to see doc bcos i had vaginal discharge, and rashes on my private part. which is totally cannot tahan!! then i asked the doc, what is the potential for me to have a baby, the the doc said, quiet hard bcos your vaginal discharge so thick and a lot. i felt so dissapoint, until we gave up to try it anymore. and suddenly without i ever expect, i miss my period that suppose to be on 16th nov,but i dont want to put a hope bcos i didnt experience any pregnancy symptoms. so my hubs said just wait until a week. the thing is as a women, we cant wait, a week is equal to a year perhaps. then i bought a super expensive test kit, the result was positive. then i thought, "malam normally x accurate sgt". so at the same nite, i went to tesco and buy another one. i test early in a morning, which is still positive. then i told hubs, as usual "a husband" always keep their excitement for god sake. then we went to clinic to see o&g, to triple confirm that i'm pregnant. for real, yes i'm pregnant. and now alhamdulillah 7 weeks plus without any morning sickness. i hope both of us will meet our precious in next 6 months ++

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