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Thursday, December 31, 2009

my journey back on 2009

year 2009 might be the wonderful year for me and might be difficult moments. so much decision that i made, which i think the decision that will change my entire life. back on 2009, the year that i getting married with a man that i love for more than 3 years, for me this is kind of difficult decision for me. married to someone is not the easiest thing, this will change your whole life, and with the bless from allah s.w.t, insyaallah u will belongs to that guy forever n ever. during our engagement period, there were so much things that we need to faced, until at a one time, i told him, we should cancel the marriage. but luckily, allah s.w.t gives me such a wonderful person, from the day first i knew him, he never asked for any break-up thingy, he's so patient towards me, try to fulfill anything that i asked; but i still not appreciate him. we planned to set the special date on 30th May 2009, so in order to make sure everything run smoothly, we did some preparation from January, i've been so busy preparing all those thing. what i can conclude from that, i feel so happily to do the preparation, and the best thing, we use our own money to bought all the things. for me that will make things more precious for u if use your own money.. alhamdullilah, when we have the good intention, insyaallah, allah s.w.t will always permudahkan everything. so on the 28th May, all my cousins come to help my family, to prepare everything. Maksu, Atikah, Shila and I went to Klang to fit in the photoshoot session dress and asked for Maksu's mom to help me "mandi bunga" , it's good experience actually. surprisingly, before my akad nikah day, i'm not like a usual bride, can u imagine that me n all my cousins slept on 5 a.m everyday..hahaha..we kept borak2 till morning, laughing kuat2 in subuh..it might be different from the other bride, bcos i really appreciate my cousins, might be bcos of i dont have any girl sibling, that is why i felt so happy when i can share my happiness with all the cousin. to tell the truth, they were so helpful to the max, i feel so terharu for that. they are the one who force me to put the inai(bcos i been so busy), i fell asleep when they put the inai. and when i woke up nex day, i already wore inai..haha..so magic!but to be honest i dont know how to express my appreciation to them.the day for akad was on saturday's nite, which is after isya'. most of my bff came to celebrate the day. with sekali lafaz, i officially hafiz's wife.

above are the pictures during akad nikah

During bersanding at Taman Cempaka on 31st May 2009

bersanding at Kelantan on 1st June 2009

ahhh stop la until here..pnat nk upload image..haha..yeah, the real afni yg sgt pemalas to do this kind of thing. later i will post a story of my real life after that.


alhamdulillah..finally we managed to park the new furniture in our house. almost half of a day, both of us keep searching good funiture with good price.we always try to bargain the price,bcos after several shop that we visited, some of it tagged such a higher price but the furniture is exactly the same..ah what are they??we did visit cavenzi, the most famous showroom with the motto, "let the price do the talking"~~what i can simplified from that moto: TAIK LAA!what they show in the catalogue, either not the exactly thing, or they just respond; "ouh, yang tu mmg xde.." wtf, no need to publish on your catalogue laa, if the thing is not there.. then when i asked the salesgirl, if we order the item, how long it will take to deliver?? she said less than 2 weeks!ha??? my hubs muka da seposen..so we just cancel the intention to buy the furniture at cavenzi. we resume our journey to the furniture shop nearby. luckily, after almost give up-like symptom, we found one shop.. surprisingly, we can bargain the price with the owner. and finally, we ended by bought our furniture in that shop. and the best thing is, they can deliver the thing less than 1 hour..can u imagine?? n the sofa that we bought, is very nice and have a good quality.same goes to the dining set, its so proper dining set. and we bargain the mattress' price. so those 3 items that we bought yesterday, is within our budget. later, if got time i'll post the picture of our house yg sgt sempit skang..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 weeks pregnancy

have been sometime i didn't update my blog. i've been so busy lately.as usual my schedule is damn tight. that's not my point, last nite i went for baby's scan. damn it, i gain 2 kg..haha..no wonder i'm not longer fit with my wedding ring. but surprisingly, baby have grown so well. now i clearly can see my baby from the ultrasound. and shock thing happen, my baby melantun2..haha..he/she moves a bit by push his/her head. ahhh i feel so relieved..i dint expect he/she will be that big rite now.. dear allah swt, i will always pray for my baby..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

grow healthy

see that thicker, now i'm in a final month of 1st trimester,which means i'm in 3rd month of pregnancy.overall, i'm experiencing headache mostly everyday.sumtimes no appetite to eat.mood swing, yes now i'm having that.omg...i dunno what happen, small mistake will like a big war for me.i just miss my family, nex week i'll go back to ampang.ALONE =( hubs wanna work, what to do, he wants to save some money for the baby and our house furniture.and now my belly is visibly looks like pregnant women.i didnt expect that early.i need to buy some pants, the old one can't fit already..poor me.my mum will shock to see my belly. works~~~hurmmm..starting busy day by day.a lot of things to do... meeting here,meeting there,appointment here,appointment there~~~whooo

Monday, December 14, 2009

when time flies by~~~~

wah i'm so bz today.so many things to update,finalize my file,issue circular..omg~~lately, i lost my appetite to eat compared to las few weeks.this morning i just had 2 slice of butterscotch and 2 glass of guava juice. by hook or by crook, i need to eat for baby's sake.until i didnt realize, 4.15pm already. still got works to do~~~help2 =(

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby looks good =)

ahhh..happy to hear that our precious is doing well. i'm so worried bcos i'm having vaginal discharge for this 2 weeks, so i felt it might affected our precious. then when i met my doc, i told him everything. he said let see the precious and do the "ïn" thing. to be truth, its a bit painful, and more worst i need to halfly naked.omg, so embarassed. but i just acted normal. our precious da besa, that's the best part, i ask doc either can print the photo or not, he said cannot, bcos the machine is so basic. so i think when i go back to kl, i will scan our precious la..then i told him, i got heartburn whenever i consume orange juice. he said having orange juice during pregnancy is good, but when you feel heartburn, you need to stop. so last nite, hubs need to paid rm100++ for the bill, pity him..hehe.. i also didnt expect that much, but when i received the medication, ummm no wonder la. the doc give me GAVISCON,SEBAMED, etc.. got brand one..hehe.but i dont really like Gaviscon's taste..yuckss! I hope for next check up we can see the heart beat.. hope i will pass another 4 weeks of critical time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


ahh.stress..a lot of things to do today. to be honest i hate when my boss ask me to prepare official letter to government agency. i need to write the letter in bahasa, omg..not to say my bahasa is sux, and my english is superb.both broken actually. but when come into part to write letter in bahasa, i feel so dizzy to think the proper words to use in that letter. keep askin my secretary, she also a bit blur.waduh~~hope i'll finish it before 10.30 am. i have more task queue for their turn =(

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Am I experiencing morning sickness??

omg, suddenly i felt want to vomit or am i just hungry?this morning i had milo cereal 3in1,a cup of anmum and 2 small pack of japanese rice biscuits. still not enuff for you ke baby??but still feel dizzy.hate it,luckily my boss not in today.so i can relieve a bit my sickness...whoaa!today for lunch, i will go for mamak again. actually for dinner, i crave for satay, but i dont know where they sell yummy satay here.just keep it for myself, tonite i'll cook daging masak kicap la. n later will find some pickles to overcome this nausea thing. just remembered that last day, my friend told me that we still have the possibility of experiencing morning sickness after 3 months preggy. betul ker?? omg, hope i'm not one of them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


normally, it quiet easy for a human count the day of ovulation. you can just google it on the search engine. then the web pages will calculate for you, when is your ovulation date. but in order to monitor when is the conception will occur, is not that easy. simply said, itu semua kerja allah s.w.t.same goes to me, to be real, i tried so many time to have a baby. at first count the date of ovulation, when the time comes.. i ask my hubs to do it for 4 days in a row. but like i said, it is not an easy thing. after several time, it stll not our rezeki yet. we really2 frustrated, some more i went to see doc bcos i had vaginal discharge, and rashes on my private part. which is totally cannot tahan!! then i asked the doc, what is the potential for me to have a baby, the the doc said, quiet hard bcos your vaginal discharge so thick and a lot. i felt so dissapoint, until we gave up to try it anymore. and suddenly without i ever expect, i miss my period that suppose to be on 16th nov,but i dont want to put a hope bcos i didnt experience any pregnancy symptoms. so my hubs said just wait until a week. the thing is as a women, we cant wait, a week is equal to a year perhaps. then i bought a super expensive test kit, the result was positive. then i thought, "malam normally x accurate sgt". so at the same nite, i went to tesco and buy another one. i test early in a morning, which is still positive. then i told hubs, as usual "a husband" always keep their excitement for god sake. then we went to clinic to see o&g, to triple confirm that i'm pregnant. for real, yes i'm pregnant. and now alhamdulillah 7 weeks plus without any morning sickness. i hope both of us will meet our precious in next 6 months ++

7 weeks development

Fetal development in pregnancy week 7:

embryo in second month Your baby is really beginning to develop more physical definition this week – their oversized head isn’t just large and oblong anymore, it’s actually a little bit pointy. The tiny receding tail bud is now starting to be overshadowed by the growth of their legs, which are now complete with knees and the beginnings of toes. Their eyes and ears are the most visible features on their head and their miniature bones are starting to harden throughout their body. You also have some variation on a boy or a girl at this point, although their genitals won’t be visible enough to determine which color cigars you’re going to buy until around the 16th week.


las nite i spent time watchin dvd with my sil. we chose papadom. the story was quite nice, klaka habis. and the worse part i tryin to deliver is "now i'm cravin for nasi mamak". really cravin for the papadom. the crunchiness~~~~punya x saba, during this lunch time, will find the bestest mamak ever. havin lunch alone pun ok for me. x mati pon!

i miss him so badly

its kinda weird when u still miss your husband, eventhough both of u live under one roof. but my part is totally weird, bcos of he's workin nite shift for twice week a month. so every time the nite shift turn up, i've 2 hours chance to meet my own hubs, not bf or wut. i miss to kiss him,hug him, tease him omg~~ whenever i ask him to come for lunch together at my office, he always said that he's so tired, not enough time to have a good sleep. so for him it's much better to spend the time sleeping all day long. i wonder when our precious baby's deliver, do we still have time together??

Monday, November 30, 2009

how sweet my hubby

las wed we went to o&g clinic.n d doc advised me to consume more "guava things". he said it is gud for baby's health. n yesterday a very unexpected things has be done by my mr.hubs, he bought me guava drink.haha.sum more he cook for our dinner.ok la.d taste not so bad.since me preg, i'm so lazy to cook bcos of i'm lack of time.after work,need to rush back,solat,masak..omg soooo x larat!!luckily,for diz whole week my mr.hubs working nite shift. i plak keep starving all day long....nak makan 1000xx.