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Thursday, December 31, 2009

my journey back on 2009

year 2009 might be the wonderful year for me and might be difficult moments. so much decision that i made, which i think the decision that will change my entire life. back on 2009, the year that i getting married with a man that i love for more than 3 years, for me this is kind of difficult decision for me. married to someone is not the easiest thing, this will change your whole life, and with the bless from allah s.w.t, insyaallah u will belongs to that guy forever n ever. during our engagement period, there were so much things that we need to faced, until at a one time, i told him, we should cancel the marriage. but luckily, allah s.w.t gives me such a wonderful person, from the day first i knew him, he never asked for any break-up thingy, he's so patient towards me, try to fulfill anything that i asked; but i still not appreciate him. we planned to set the special date on 30th May 2009, so in order to make sure everything run smoothly, we did some preparation from January, i've been so busy preparing all those thing. what i can conclude from that, i feel so happily to do the preparation, and the best thing, we use our own money to bought all the things. for me that will make things more precious for u if use your own money.. alhamdullilah, when we have the good intention, insyaallah, allah s.w.t will always permudahkan everything. so on the 28th May, all my cousins come to help my family, to prepare everything. Maksu, Atikah, Shila and I went to Klang to fit in the photoshoot session dress and asked for Maksu's mom to help me "mandi bunga" , it's good experience actually. surprisingly, before my akad nikah day, i'm not like a usual bride, can u imagine that me n all my cousins slept on 5 a.m everyday..hahaha..we kept borak2 till morning, laughing kuat2 in subuh..it might be different from the other bride, bcos i really appreciate my cousins, might be bcos of i dont have any girl sibling, that is why i felt so happy when i can share my happiness with all the cousin. to tell the truth, they were so helpful to the max, i feel so terharu for that. they are the one who force me to put the inai(bcos i been so busy), i fell asleep when they put the inai. and when i woke up nex day, i already wore inai..haha..so magic!but to be honest i dont know how to express my appreciation to them.the day for akad was on saturday's nite, which is after isya'. most of my bff came to celebrate the day. with sekali lafaz, i officially hafiz's wife.

above are the pictures during akad nikah

During bersanding at Taman Cempaka on 31st May 2009

bersanding at Kelantan on 1st June 2009

ahhh stop la until here..pnat nk upload image..haha..yeah, the real afni yg sgt pemalas to do this kind of thing. later i will post a story of my real life after that.


lala said...

miss dat day
soon u must help ur kazen doing some preparation
make sure u attend our ceremony include mu babby IMAN DANI

imandani said...

of cos i will bebeh