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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

grow healthy

see that thicker, now i'm in a final month of 1st trimester,which means i'm in 3rd month of pregnancy.overall, i'm experiencing headache mostly everyday.sumtimes no appetite to eat.mood swing, yes now i'm having that.omg...i dunno what happen, small mistake will like a big war for me.i just miss my family, nex week i'll go back to ampang.ALONE =( hubs wanna work, what to do, he wants to save some money for the baby and our house furniture.and now my belly is visibly looks like pregnant women.i didnt expect that early.i need to buy some pants, the old one can't fit already..poor me.my mum will shock to see my belly. works~~~hurmmm..starting busy day by day.a lot of things to do... meeting here,meeting there,appointment here,appointment there~~~whooo

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