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Thursday, December 31, 2009


alhamdulillah..finally we managed to park the new furniture in our house. almost half of a day, both of us keep searching good funiture with good price.we always try to bargain the price,bcos after several shop that we visited, some of it tagged such a higher price but the furniture is exactly the same..ah what are they??we did visit cavenzi, the most famous showroom with the motto, "let the price do the talking"~~what i can simplified from that moto: TAIK LAA!what they show in the catalogue, either not the exactly thing, or they just respond; "ouh, yang tu mmg xde.." wtf, no need to publish on your catalogue laa, if the thing is not there.. then when i asked the salesgirl, if we order the item, how long it will take to deliver?? she said less than 2 weeks!ha??? my hubs muka da seposen..so we just cancel the intention to buy the furniture at cavenzi. we resume our journey to the furniture shop nearby. luckily, after almost give up-like symptom, we found one shop.. surprisingly, we can bargain the price with the owner. and finally, we ended by bought our furniture in that shop. and the best thing is, they can deliver the thing less than 1 hour..can u imagine?? n the sofa that we bought, is very nice and have a good quality.same goes to the dining set, its so proper dining set. and we bargain the mattress' price. so those 3 items that we bought yesterday, is within our budget. later, if got time i'll post the picture of our house yg sgt sempit skang..

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