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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby looks good =)

ahhh..happy to hear that our precious is doing well. i'm so worried bcos i'm having vaginal discharge for this 2 weeks, so i felt it might affected our precious. then when i met my doc, i told him everything. he said let see the precious and do the "ïn" thing. to be truth, its a bit painful, and more worst i need to halfly naked.omg, so embarassed. but i just acted normal. our precious da besa, that's the best part, i ask doc either can print the photo or not, he said cannot, bcos the machine is so basic. so i think when i go back to kl, i will scan our precious la..then i told him, i got heartburn whenever i consume orange juice. he said having orange juice during pregnancy is good, but when you feel heartburn, you need to stop. so last nite, hubs need to paid rm100++ for the bill, pity him..hehe.. i also didnt expect that much, but when i received the medication, ummm no wonder la. the doc give me GAVISCON,SEBAMED, etc.. got brand one..hehe.but i dont really like Gaviscon's taste..yuckss! I hope for next check up we can see the heart beat.. hope i will pass another 4 weeks of critical time.

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