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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Am I experiencing morning sickness??

omg, suddenly i felt want to vomit or am i just hungry?this morning i had milo cereal 3in1,a cup of anmum and 2 small pack of japanese rice biscuits. still not enuff for you ke baby??but still feel dizzy.hate it,luckily my boss not in today.so i can relieve a bit my sickness...whoaa!today for lunch, i will go for mamak again. actually for dinner, i crave for satay, but i dont know where they sell yummy satay here.just keep it for myself, tonite i'll cook daging masak kicap la. n later will find some pickles to overcome this nausea thing. just remembered that last day, my friend told me that we still have the possibility of experiencing morning sickness after 3 months preggy. betul ker?? omg, hope i'm not one of them.

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